RT-Chemcomposite to Supply Glazing for Newest “Kometa” Motor Ships

The hydrofoil sea passenger ship series will be equipped with monolithic polycarbonate products

The Obninsk ORPE Technologiya (a member of the RT-Chemcomposite group) will supply glazing for the next-generation hydrofoil sea passenger ships “Kometa 120M”. In total, pursuant to the contract Technologiya will supply to the customer sets of domestically manufactured technologically advanced polycarbonate for 12 motor ships.

Monolithic polycarbonate glazing manufactured by Technologiya is highly resistant to impact. This material is approximately 100 times stronger than the ordinary silicate glass and approximately 10 times stronger than acrylic glass. The newest glazing is also twice as light than the previously used silicate glass equivalents which ensures higher sea stability.

“The newest glazing made of domestically manufactured monolithic polycarbonate will be installed on Russian ships for the first time ever, and this is a good trend. Participation in the programme for commercial building of new passenger motor ships is the result of our work on civil products market development. At the end of 2016, the company’s share of proceeds from the sale of civil products in the revenue structure was 24.5%”, noted General Director of ORPE Technologiya Andrey Silkin.

The “Kometa 120M” hydrofoil ship is designed for passenger carriage in the coastal sea zone. Passenger capacity of the ship is 120 persons, speed – about 65 km/h. It is expected that the main differences of “Kometa 120M” from the previously built equivalents will be high level of passenger comfort: the ship is equipped with a motion and overload reduction system.

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