1. Warranty scope

1.1 Product and warranty period

All DNTIC branded products manufactured and distributed in the Vietnamese market will be covered by the following regulations:

– The product warranty period is confirmed based on the message from the electronic switchboard 04.3200.4760. In case the product has not activated the electronic warranty 04.3200.4760, the product warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase of the customer used, but not beyond the warranty period from the date of manufacture. Supply spare parts and accessories

DNTIC ensures the ability to supply spare parts and accessories of the goods during the valid warranty period of the product.

Warranty Period for Replacement Parts:

During the warranty period as specified by the product or outside the warranty (due to warranty refusal or the product has expired warranty period as regulated) will be applied as follows:

Case 1: At the time of replacement repair, the remaining product warranty period is more than three (03) months, the warranty period of replacement parts is calculated according to the remaining warranty period of product.

Case 2: At the time of replacement repair, the remaining warranty period of the machine is less than three (03) months, the warranty period of spare parts shall be three (03) months.

Warranty Period for Renovated Products:

Case 1: At the time of renewal, the remaining warranty period of the old product is more than six (06) months, the warranty period of the renewal product is calculated according to the remaining warranty period of old product.

Case 2: At the time of renewal, the remaining warranty period of the used product is less than six (06) months, the warranty period of the renewal product shall be six (06) months.

1.2. Warranty Condition is valid

Product will be warranted if all of the following conditions are met:

– The product is in warranty period at the time requested by the customer, as per item 1.1.

– Damage due to component quality or technical errors in the manufacturing process.

– The product must be in its original form, product label, product type, serial number (S / N).

– Product does not fall into the case of warranty disclaimer as provided in this article 1.3

1.3. Condition of warranty disclaimer

Products subject to any of the following conditions will void the warranty:

– Products damaged by natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning strikes, insects and animals.

– The product is placed in dirt, humidity, water.

– The product is deformed by the impact of heat, external impact.

– The product is moldy, rusted or corroded, oxidized by chemicals.

– The product is damaged due to wrong voltage and current rating.

– Customers cause defects such as deformation, cracks, scratches.

– Product installation, maintenance, improper use under the guidance of DNTIC caused damage. Product is changed, repaired not under DNTIC Authorized Service Centers

– The product is not purchased from the official DNTIC distributor – Product warranty expires. No spare parts such as cables, connectors, memory cards, …

2. The services of the DNTIC company

2.1. DNTIC Customer Care Center National Customer Care Switchboard:

04.3200.4760. This phone number gives the customer the means of contact for service inquiries, product information, parts information, and promotional information for advice on product related services. DNTIC, conditions, procedures, warranty locations are updated to the latest.

2.2. Basic warranty services

– Repair service at warranty center

When the product is damaged, customers call the switchboard 04.3200.4760 for advice, information and instructions to the warranty center to handle damage.

Or the customer can bring the product to the Warranty Center directly to request service, and customers will be requested by the center information, including:

√ Product information: Machine model, machine number, date of purchase …

√ Customer information: Customer name, contact phone number, contact address (of the requester or contact) and the content of the repair service.

– Repair service at customer’s location request

For product warranty at the customer’s location request, when the product is damaged, customers call 04.3200.4760 to provide product information and customer information, the content required repair. After the Customer Care Center receives the information, it will inform the customer contact person to find out more information and make an appointment for the customer support.

– Home installation services

DNTIC provides free installation services at customer home. Installation includes guidance and customer consultation. However, not including the costs incurred, but not limited transportation fees, installation assistance, installation fees, or other costs incurred for operation of the equipment.

2.3. Repair service outside warranty

– In the case the customer needs to repair service outside warranty, DNTIC warranty center is responsible for service and repair products with the highest attitudes and spirit. Customers will pay the costs incurred for repairs such as replacement parts, wages and other costs (if any) based on the agreement between the two parties. Replacement parts are guaranteed for three (3) months from the date repaired by the DNTIC WARRANTY CENTER nationwide.

Note: DNTIC’s WARRANTY CENTER has a warranty receipt when receive the product warranty (including customer and product information, product status information, warranty completion date, etc.). ). In the event that Customer does not receive this coupon, please contact directly to the WARRANTY CENTER or contact us at Customer Care Call Center for assistance.