Globally connected, locally invested

DNTIC provides technology platforms and appliance services in order to support different brands as internet boosting to connect Vietnam to the world.

DNTIC was established by staffs with 15 years of experience in Security Section. Along with the in – depth knowledge of both products and market, also with the high confidence, DNTIC always provides all the products and services with outstanding quality in both width and depth dimensions.

DNTIC aims to become the information network gate in Security Section with combination between products providing and customer service which is operated by the well- trained employees with in – depth major knowledge.

Currently, DNTIC is representative to distribute exclusive products with the high quality to partners. Furthermore, we are non stop gaining and developing our knowledge and always set quality as a core value for every action.

We are highly confident in evaluating, analyzing and understanding about the fluctuations of the international and local market which are the essential elements for accurate consultancy for partners about the most suitable products with the high quality to bring into the Vietnamese market.

Business activity criterias of DNTIC:

Speed: Ensuring the response speed for every inquiries from partners and customers about product information and other requirements relating to company’s services.

Quality:  The qualities of customer services and consultancy are very professional and devoting. DNTIC guarantees not only to provide adequate information which is required by the partners and customers but also to consult about any other potential possibilities to ensure our partner having the most accurate and complete information.

Professional: We ensure the response speed is always on time, polite and adequate with the complete information provided by DNTIC’s teams with the well – trained skills and the in – depth knowledge about market and product.

8 Product Categories:

  • Observation and Security Check
  • Anti Terrorism Equipment
  • Rescue
  • Optical
  • Tools and Supporting Equipment
  • Traffic Equipment
  • Criminal Investigation Equipment