Inferno Wireless System


• Generates an unbearable sound
• Complete easily installed alarm system that can be added with other security peripherals
• Award winning design – fits easily into public areas and private homes
• Sabotage protected with battery backup

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Inferno Wireless System is a complete easily installed alarm system that communicates with your ordinary GSM mobile phone. It can function as a Sound Barrier or as a traditional siren. Inferno Wireless System effectively stops intruders in their tracks by generating a patented unbearable pattern, frequency and intensity noise. Sound Barrier mode is achieved by pairs or arrays of units. In siren mode, a single Inferno Wireless System covers areas up to 70 square meters/ 750 square feet. Larger areas can be covered with several units.

It is as a behavior modifying Sound Barrier that the value of the patented frequency pattern is achieved. It can be applied to quell, repel or control aggressive, malicious and riot behaviors. This aspect has been applied for protecting Russian nuclear weapons, stores, offices, and distribution plants.

Protective volume Directional or to protect a volume up to 150 cubic meters/5250 cubic feet
Dimensions L = 685 mm/26.97 inW = 106 mm/4.17 inD = 40 mm/1.58 in
Weight 1.9 kg/ 4.1 lb
Frequency range 2 – 5 kHz
Acoustic effect 125 -127 ±1 dB(A) @ 1 m/3.28 ft, user selectable
Battery backup 9.6 V, 1800 mAh, Ni-MH
Battery lifetime 3 years
Power consumption 12 -16 V DC, < 600 mA
Function time at cont. signal > 30 minutes
Standby without charge Up to 56 hours
Input and Output In: 2 NO/NC, 1 NC Out: 1 NO/NC
Temperature range -10 — +60 (C), 14 — 140 (F)